Camp Information


-Deck size the same you normally use bring a spare deck
-Independent trucks at 215’s size
-Bones wheels 81b, 60 mil
-Protection requirements:
-Knees Pads, Elbow Pads, Helmet, Hip pads if you have them, Gloves

-Enough spare clothing, skate surface burns through clothing with the speed they -are going.
-Warm clothing gets cold at nights
-Spare shoe laces Spare shoes
-Long sleeve tops or jumpers


Cereal, Toast, Eggs, Bacon, Sausages, Porridge, Fruit Smoothies

Sheapard’s Pie, Sandwiches, Lasagna, Spaghetti, BBQ

BBQ, Pizza, Dumplings, SpringRolls, Spaghetti, Chicken Pasta Dish



Monday: Airport pick up 

Meet at the Megaranch at Midday 
1Pm light lunch
1:30 stretch
2:00- 5:00 Megaramp Session 
5:00-6:00 Free time
6:00-7:00 Dinner
7:00 Camp Fire / Games Night

8-8:30 Breakfast 

8:30-9:30 free time mini ramp
9:30-10 Pilates-stretch
10-12:30 session on Megaramp.
12:30-1 Lunch 
1-2 free time games room ( indoor miniramp )
2-6 Megaramp session 
6-7 Dinner 
7-8:30 session on Megaramp 

8:00-9 Breakfast
9-10 free time games room indoor mini 10-10:30 Pilates stretching
10:30-1 Megaramp session 
1-1:30 Lunch
1:30-5 Megaramp session
5-8:00 Shed Skatepark Skate Night

8:00-9 Breakfast
9-10 free time games room (indoor mini ramp)
10-10:30 Pilates Stretching
10:30-1 Megaramp session
1 Lunch
2-4 P3 Recovery session 
5-6 free time Games room mini ramp 
6:30-9 Megaramp session 

8:00-9 Breakfast
9-10 free time Games room ( indoor Mini Ramp )
10-10:30 Pilates and Stretching
10:30-1 Megaramp session
1 light Lunch
2-4 Megaramp session

6pm Airport drop offs 

Food and Schedule may be subject to change If raining for a day we will do road trips to the Shed Skatepark
Indoor or The Park Geelong

Freddie (Johnnie)


Can't wait to skate this on the March camp with Beaver.
The Megaranch is awesome! Not just for skating but spending time with everyone else coming from all over Australia and being made to feel like part of the family.Even the food is great!

I have been twice now and haven't wanted to leave.

Jodie Russel


MEGA EXTREME FUN!!! My son Sam Russell has done back to back camps at the Megaranch. He came home from the first camp saying that he had the time of his life and couldn’t wait to go back to the next one. Megaranch instilled Sam with new tricks, more confidence, new friendships and relationships with pros (Jake Brown and Tas Pappas). I visited the second camp Sam attended and was amazed at how well the Megaranch ran their camps. Everything is under control always but the campers feel relaxed and uninhibited to skate their very best. Cheers, Megaranch for an amazing experience for my son. Thanks to Pete, Ruth, Keefer and Aaliyah.



I loved the camp you guys are all so nice and supportive and I got a lot out of the experience, meeting Jake was a dream and to be able to come on the first camp was sooooooo sick. Thanks heaps!!!!